Technician in Customer Services

Credit Hours
1,400 hours - 1 school year
1,050 hours of in-school study
350 hours of in-company training

The objectives are to:

  • provide students with the specific skills they need to manage and implement plans for the protection of the consumer according to current  legislation. By the end of this program students will be able to inform and advice consumers, while assisting them in the mediation and proceedings related to claims and complaints.
  • identify the organizations, institutions, documentation and proceedings involved in accomplishing customer satisfaction.
  • organize the inspection action plan by applying the correct resources in order to solve conflicts between the claimant and the defendant.
  • provide students with efficient tools to offer customer training courses or information campaigns.
  • accomplish the correct use of up-to-date information and communication technologies specific to the sector.
  • accomplish appropriate language ability in Spanish, Catalan, and English.

Professional and Working Areas

Customer care organizations: OMIC/SAC, the Catalan version of the bureaux of customer protection. Private and state supported helpdesk services.

Professional Competences

Customer Advisor and Counsellor. Helpdesk Technician. Customer Satisfaction Inspector. Technical Service and Product Inspector.

Career Prospects

Within the consumer area: tasks related to the control of commercial establishments, industries, activities, products and service. Tasks related to obtaining, organizing and checking information/documentation with regard to consumption.

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