Commercial Services and Marketing Technician

Credit Hours:
2.000 hours - 2 school years
1.650 hours of in-school study
350 hours of in-company training
This course allows students to become experts in the assessment of markets, products, prices, distribution, communication and management of action plans related to purchases, logistics and sales of products and services.


The objective is to provide students with skills that will allow them to:

  • Organize information for market research.
  • Analyse and classify basic information to establish marketing policies.
  • Supervise advertising campaigns.

Professional and Working Areas

Commercial and Marketing Departments. Associated Businesses. Shopping Centres. Department Stores. Commercial Agencies. Market Research Companies.

Career Prospects

  • Purchase Technician. Marketing Technician. Market Research Technician.
  • Logistics Assistant.  Purchase Administrator. Warehouse Assistant.
  • Commercial Promoter.
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